Kick Start Shoe Shopping

I’m not sure how I feel about wedge sneakers. Wedges are nice. Sneakers are nice. Put together… well, I guess it’d be wrong to say they’re all bad. It’d be like shoe discrimination. There might be really cute pair of wedge sneakers out there. As for Betsey’s shown here… I’d really have to see them in person on someone before forming an opinion!

What do you think of wedge sneakers? Do you think you should just wear one or the other, or do you think they’re the best of both worlds?

The Girl’s Got Style (And Good Friends ;-) )

My friend today was rocking a pair of white Dr. Martens AirWairs. Which is so cool because how often do you see white? Not that they’re all that rare, but in the whole spectrum of Dr. Martens colors, patterns, and materials, they might be one of the most unexpected and daring. After all, you have to be daring to wear white, which is so vulnerable to dirt and other mishaps. Especially white shoes, which are most definitely vulnerable to dirt and mishaps!

And get this – when I complimented her on them, she told me the cutest story! She said they were a birthday present from one year when five of her friends each pitched in $20 to get her a pair of Dr. Martens! Isn’t that smart? Not to mention sweet and good planning. Props to her friends for savvy planning and for coming up with such a good idea!

Drawing apples / First month at Otis College of Art and Design

Hello! It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’m now in my sixth week at Otis College of Art and Design. I’ve been meaning to blog, to at least keep up with posting a Betsey Pick of the Week every Tuesday, but college has been keeping me pretty busy.
One of the questions I’m being asked a lot as a college freshman is “Are you having fun in your classes?” And my answer is no, my classes aren’t fun. They make me work. I don’t know if you know this or not, but drawing is hard! And so are other aspects of art. Creating compositions for my Principles of Design class can be so frustrating.
Yet, as frustrating as my classes and homework are, I really love learning in them. I’m learning so much about art.

Today in my drawing and composition class we just started learning how to do cross contours! I am so excited as cross contouring has always been one of the things I wanted to know how to do and do well but couldn’t do on my own. We are learning by drawing apples.
I’m actually scared of drawing apples, truth be told. One of the first serious drawings I did was of an apple and it turned out horrible. So I have been scared of drawing them ever since! I was sitting at the kitchen table about to bite into my afternoon snack when I stopped and looked at it. I was seduced by the curves and colors, and decided “I’m going to draw this apple!” I got out a new sketchbook, started drawing and, like I said, it came out horrible. And it has always been the first thing I see when I opened that sketchbook!
But it’s about time I got over my fear and start drawing some good apples! Unfortunately, in class today I drew mine too narrow. Who knew it was so hard to get the proportions of fruit right?!

Zoo Drool-worthy

This is not your standard Outfit Of The Day necklace, but ain’t it cute?

At The Zoo Elephant Long Pendant Pink necklace


So maybe it’s not something that on any given day you’d grab-n-go, but it’s so cute I just want to grab it from my computer screen! What can I say? I have a thing for elephants with long eyelashes.

Actually, I’ve never seen one until now. 🙂

Another Betsey Backpack…

So I found out a while ago that my classes at Otis College of Art and Design start on August 26th…

In momento of that milestone, upcoming occasion, here is the Betsey Pick of the Day:

The “CLASS IN SESSION” backpack

The front reads “Betsey Johnson. Rebelling Since 1978 New York, N.Y.”

$118.00 (Yeah, that’s a little out of my college freshman budget… Besides, gotta save up for dorm decorations and supplies 😉 )


Who’s been watching? Have to admit – I haven’t. But I did watch a lot of clips on Hulu. It was funny to see Betsey getting so excited with a stranger over the iPhone’s duck ringtone! I told my friend about it and then right afterwards I heard someone’s phone ringing… with the very same ringtone!

Anyway, depending on how much free time I have I will or will not check it out. She is my favorite designer but the show seems a little too dramatized for me…