Bread clips – a recycling post

I love soda tabs! (The tabs that you use to pull open your can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi or whatever.) They can be so great for repurposing uses, fitting in stellar into the trinity of R’s: (not repurpose, but…) Reuse! (along with Recycle and Reduce). I’ve used them for buttons when I made a recycled garment for a competition (which I will have to post about sooner or later). I’ve been collecting them ever since, in an emptied, cleaned, and de-tabbed soda can. Well, fruit nectar can. Everyone else in my family really likes them. So I let them drink them all for me and I take the tabs. 😀

And as my collection grew, I started wondering… What about those clip things? The ones that hold closed my bags of delicious apples and juicy oranges? The ones that make it hard for me to neatly put away loaves of bread? I end up just taking off the clips and whirling up the bag and stuffing the bundle in the fridge, anyone else? So every time I plucked off another one and it went into the trash, or if I could help it, the blessed recycle pile, I’d wonder “Is there an actual, other use for these things?”

Tonight I stole another tab from a soda can and I just couldn’t stand it, I had to know about bread clip usages. First step: I didn’t know what they were called so I had to search it. “What are those things that hold closed fruit bags called?” Answer: bread clips (not fruit clips). Second step: search “Uses for bread clips”. I love this site’s second suggested uses!

I’m still in the middle of my search and am going crazy with giddiness! I’m sure I’ll just go overboard with pinning pins onto my recycle Pintrest board.


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